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    Photo of Tyler Carter of Issues

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    Bring Me The Horizon - Download Saturday 14th June 2014

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    Shirts Vs. Skins//”A Bit Bitter”//Hold Nothing Dear



  6. MK Bottomcal - Sex (cover)

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    Flea, Kurt Cobain and Joe Perry.


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    "No More Tears" - Ozzy Osbourne

    No More Tears, 1991

    They played this song during the third period of the Black Hawks/Red Wings game the other night and it was a wonderful reminder that we live in a world of great things. Turn this up loud, if your neighbors complain that you are playing an Ozzy song too loud your landlords are legally obligated to evict them.


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    Promotional Photos: TWIN TWIN (France)

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    so this happened…

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    #DONTSTOPMUSICVIDEO coming to a screen near you, May 19 @ 7am GMT / 4pm AEST. #5sosASSEMBLE http://youtu.be/ym6NDDRFHvc